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            Product series
            Lubricants Series
            Grease Packing Series
            Grease raw Series
            Chemical additives series
            Paper additives  
            Degassing agent
            Product use
            Degassing agent used to exclude air in the wet end of the process. By discharging the air in the fiber, to improve the performance and speed of operation. The product can improve retention and stable operation of the paper machine.
            [Main index]
            Product Name: degassing agent
            Specifications Model: DAXDF-3065
            Ingredients: higher alcohols
            Appearance: white emulsion
            Solids: 30 ± 1%
            Viscosity (25 ℃): 300 ± 100 CPS
            PH value: 10.5 ± 1.0
            Specific Gravity: 0.98 ± 0.03
            Ion: nonionic
            Dispersion: dispersion in water
            Shelf life: 6 months at room temperature
            Product Features
            An emission fiber to improve the operational performance of the air: the paper making process can be 80% -90% of the emissions of air, water 20-60 ℃ good results can be achieved.
            2, good drainage performance: because the emission of the air in the pulp, the press portion can be reduced by 2% -3% of water, which can be reduced by about 20% filter aid.
            3, to improve paper quality.
            4, improve the quality of the pump and sieve.
            5, due to the discharge of the headbox / headbox air, can increase 2% -5% of the OPR (once-through flow with rate).
            Parameter Contrast]
            Dose H / B air consistency OPR fiber retention
            0.02% 0.45 69.4 76.3
            0.03% 0.16 72.7 79.7
            0.04% 0.15 74.5 80.6
            1, diluted with water or fully dispersed with better results.
            2, the amount of: 0.02% -0.1% (relative to dry paper pulp).
            [Package] 200kg, 1000kg
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